Foty Fusion Productions offers individual and group instruction in both Arabic as well as classical music. We seek to provide a cultural appreciation of Arab heritage, whether for individuals of Arab descent or others wishing to gain a greater appreciation of the multifaceted Arab culture. Whether learning a traditional Arabic instrument such as the oud (lute), teaching your child the Arabic language through traditional Arabic songs and poems, or learning the dance movements of the debka routine, Foty Fusion Productions seeks to provide you with artistic enrichment which is both fun and educational.

Learning Arabic Through Music

Foty Fusion Productions is constantly seeking innovative ways in which to combine music and teaching. Music and singing are proven methods for helping individuals learn a new language. We use the technique of instruction through music to introduce students of various ages to the Arabic language. By learning how to sing songs in Arabic, students will internalize pronunciation, understand phrase construction, expand their Arabic vocabulary and learn about Arab culture. Language instruction through singing allows students to have positive associations with their Arabic learning process, making learning a language engaging and fun. The combination of music, dance and history helps to expose kids to the essential link between arts and education. We employ this philosophy in a variety of settings, including a Summer Camp for Kids and Arabic Language CDs.

Oud Instruction

We offer individual and group oud classes for students of all ages. Each private oud lesson will be tailored to the level of the respective student. From basic techniques, posture and note reading, to more complex instruction in traditional Arabic oud repertoire, our oud instructor will provide a comprehensive and supportive environment for Learning this beautiful instrument.