Department of Education & Outreach

The Department of Education & Outreach promotes the incorporation of the arts in education as a vital component of multifaceted learning. Growing up in D.C. Public Schools, our Directors were struck by the lack of emphasis on multidisciplinary education and the failure to present non-dominant histories in the classroom. Foty Fusion Productions employs an approach to education that transcends the methods and means of learning outside of the classroom and into the lives of students and their greater communities. By focusing our efforts on communities of youth, Foty Fusion Productions believes that a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to education is essential to developing a sustainable way of thinking that can help them be more nuanced and aware of complex social justice issues. The Department of Education & Outreach also seeks to establish partnerships with various preexisting organizations that promote alternative messages of education, whether through the arts or through social justice awareness.

Foty Fusion Productions provides students of all ages the opportunity to gain hands-on internship experience in the arts. This program allows students to shadow various members within their field of interest, introducing them firsthand to the necessary skills needed to succeed in their given field. Students will have the chance to assist in the production of a documentary film, coordinate social justice workshops in public schools, design a new logo for a company, photograph an event, create a website for a non-profit organization, or work in early childhood music education. This internship program seeks to establish a supportive network for youth interested in the arts, who through obtaining practical experience can learn that a profession in the arts can be a fulfilling and viable career path.

Arts & Social Justice Workshops & Lectures

The Department of Education and Outreach promotes the utilization of social justice principles through the arts as an integral and vital component of multi-faceted learning in the classrom. We provide lectures and workshops which approach various subjects through the use of innovative artistic techniques. We utilize the arts as a social justice teaching technique in schools to encourage self-empowerment of students and activist leadership in student communities. We also specialize in lectures and workshops which seek to provide a greater and more nuanced understanding of various cultures through presentations at academic institutions including universities, high schools, foundations and student organization events. The video below illustrates the manner in which the lecture-performance hybrid incorporates both historical content and musical performance or artistic expression.

Children’s Books on Social Justice Issues

Foty Fusion Productions conceptualizes and publishes children’s books on issues of social justice. Our publications utilize artistic images to metaphorically introduce the young reader to social justice topics at an early age. Through vibrant artistic imagery and innovative learning techniques, our publications encourage young children to to make connections and see similarities across cultures and places. Such a way of thinking contributes to a more holistic and analytical educational framework for viewing cultural differences as they grow older.

Learning Arabic Through Music & Art

Foty Fusion Productions is constantly seeking innovative ways in which to combine music and teaching. Music and singing are proven methods for helping individuals learn a new language. We use the technique of instruction through music to introduce students of various ages to the Arabic language. By learning how to sing songs in Arabic, students will internalize pronunciation, understand phrase construction, expand their Arabic vocabulary and learn about Arab culture. Language instruction through singing allows students to have positive associations with their Arabic learning process, making learning a language engaging and fun. The combination of music, dance and history helps to expose kids to the essential link between arts and education. We employ this philosophy in a variety of settings, including a Summer Camp for Kids and Arabic Language CDs.