Lamine Laimeche

Director of Branding & Digital Services




Lamine Laimeche is a freelance graphic designer, typographer and photographer based in Washington, DC. He has extensive hands on experience with User Interface/User Experience design, optimizing efficiency and generating accessible dynamic links between a conceptualized visual design, its user and the interaction this medium creates. He also works in the design industry focusing on Branding, Infographics and UI/UX design within the U.S and on an increasingly global platform. His work with National Geographic, the Inter-American Development Bank and local design studios have solidified an emphasis on developing concepts, wireframes, and mockups that are clean and concurrently execute products that maintain virtual and physical audience retention. Lamine’s objective is to create mobile/web applications and interactive experiences that are natural, raw while maintaining innate user control and command. As a design professional, my objective is to contribute my multicultural and multilingual vantage to the field by working in a creative space that promotes innovation, social responsibility, environmental awareness and elucidates greatness. He believes in fostering creative exchanges, sharing ideas and most importantly conceiving progressive and forward thinking concepts and ideas that are timeless and attainable.